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Virtual Reality & 360

Beyond Reality

Virtual Reality & 360

Taking a new look at the world around you.

Virtual Reality

More accessible, more content, expectation.

Virtual reality has been with us for quite a while, but has only recently come of age. It’s ability to allow collaboration and to share information with audiences regardless of their location makes VR a fully immersive medium that convey anything from retail store to curing fear of flying.

The gaming industry has seen a paradigm shift in the development of games for virtual reality users, whilst the medical industry share real time experiences with peers and students on a scale that could not be achieved before.

There are so many sectors where VR is now becoming the first-thought solution for a wide range of problems:

  • Architectural Visualisation and BIM
  • Training and Educational applications
  • Experiential
  • Medical staff and patient support
  • Real Estate promotion and sales

VR Experiences

The future is all around you.

weare, helping to shape the way that VR is used within business and enterprise. On a brand level we can create fully immersive branded experiences to convey a range of key messages, allow wearers to feel part of the latest keynote speech and to allow medical patients to be taken to far off locations removing anxiety about procedures and educating them about their treatment.




VR Training

Taking users on a journey beyond reality

Augmented apps are adding another dimension to our normal view from our devices. Providing users with new and exciting delivery methods is just one way in which such apps are procuring content that is both timely, relevant and entertaining.

Your brand could offer the next big craze, or the must-see video. The beauty is this can happen anywhere, it is not limited by location or boundaries. Talk to us about pepping up your app idea to the next level.

weare VR, breaking down the barriers to entry for these game changing mediums, call us on 0844 3581900