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Augmented Reality Solutions

Changing your view
of the world

Augmented Reality, giving brands a new dimension

Augmented Reality

The future for marketeers.

Enhancing your real world experiences, with digital content makes augmented reality solutions an obvious choice for ambitious advertisers looking to change how we see content.

With forecasters predicting a $16bn + spend on advertising in 2017 are you in the right space?

With advertisers looking for new an innovative ways for brand interaction it is no wonder that the rapid development of augmented reality has got such a diverse range of sectors talking.

We have been developing augmented solutions for the last 5 years for a range of clients who have made a leap of faith into the future.

Augmented reality adds ‘the missing layer’, a new dimension to our marketing solutions, think it and believe it.


AR Visualisation

The augmented future is here.

Visualisation of additional information is a key advantage of Augmented Reality. Bringing content to life, adding new dimensions to magazines and book titles, but below the surface product owners are seeing AR as the way forward to providing cost effective methods for consumers to try before they buy. Being able to place an item of furniture, checking out whether that outfit will suit you, all before your finger strays to ‘add to cart’ makes this very exciting times for retail in the digital economy.

We are proficient and trained in a wide range of applications and can apply a little science and AR magic to all of our projects.

Augmented Apps

We’ve got it all in hand.

Augmented apps are adding another dimension to our normal view from our devices. Providing users with new and exciting delivery methods is just one way in which such apps are procuring content that is both timely, relevant and entertaining.

Your brand could offer the next big craze, or the must-see video. The beauty is this can happen anywhere, it is not limited by location or boundaries. Talk to us about pepping up your app idea to the next level.

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