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Mixed Reality

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Mixed Reality

See the world differently with Mixed Reality

Mixed reality can be defined as placing digital assets in a real world space. But isn’t that augmented reality? Not when you can use hand gestures, verbal commands and eye tracking to deliver a truly astounding array of content that surrounds you.

Hololens event

weare event at Cranfield University

Microsoft Hololens

Taking it all to another level

weare, making giant strides into the worlds of mixed reality. We are lucky enough to have been developing and demonstrating Hololens for the past 3 years. Giving us and our clients and insight into the potential for enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries.

Think you might have an application for the Hololens? Then get in touch, aside from our own interest in the capability of the device, we are always on the lookout for potential partnerships, we also rent out our devices for interested parties.

Interactive experiences

creating a new futures

Being able to see into a 3d environment is nothing new, being able to touch and change the properties of elements within it take the potential for understanding, knowing and doing to a whole new level. As technology and creativity collide and our ability to merge the two together expands at a rate of knots, it is hardly surprising the excitement that is within a diverse range of sectors is palpable.


weare, breaking down barriers to for virtual solutions. Call on 0844 3581900