It’s our Birthday!

WOW, weare…15 years old!

It’s hard to believe, after taking a giant leap all that time ago.
Like all companies we had our ups and downs, but a big chunk of exciting times.

It’s hard to take in how technology has changed our World. It has infiltrated most aspects of our lives, given us new views of the worlds and the digital economy has just exploded.

15 years ago…

A guy called Mr Jobs was presented with a new product by Johnny Ive called an Ipod! It could store 1000 songs! and an then came the iMac!

Gamers got a little excited by a game called Halo!

I tiny website called Wikipedia was launched.

A young Harry Potter hit our screens in the Philosophers Stone and went head to head with some Hobbits in their little trilogy!

Oh yeah and google was founded!!

So much has happened in between and there is no doubt that there is no time like the future, but what will it hold for us?

Will websites even be a thing any more? Well we hope so but it could be that our virtual selves guide our physical presence or robots may rule the World with the advances in Ai.

Who knows. All we know is we are so thankful to those who have supported us and continue to do so, both physically and virtually. Whilst we like to keep our finger on the pulse, as our clients will testify we are all about how we can help now, about Doing.

So as a thank you…

…We are offering 12 months FREE web hosting or 6 months SEO for the price of 3 on all new projects for 15 weeks from September 2019.

We are also offering cake to all our clients, so keep an eye out for that special delivery! Mmmmm Cake!

    Put me down for your Birthday Offer

    Please send me cake!

    Any registration made from September 16th 2019 will be placed in a list and contacted within 48hrs to make arrangements for the promotional offer. Once registered all entries must arrange an appointment within 30 days. Offer expires after this time. One offer per company. Completion of the form verifies you are happy to be contacted in relation to this offer.

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