weare showcases Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality at Cranfield University

On Saturday (29th July) at Cranfield University, WeAre Media volunteered their time to showcase the Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality head-mounted display device to an audience at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Potential Plus UK, a national charity based in Milton Keynes, that works tirelessly helping schools and families to support their children with high learning potential.

During the event, around 50 children (and some parents) got the chance to experience the amazing capabilities of the HoloLens, and understand its place in the future of learning.

For the older children, they experienced a fully immersive and interactive visualisation of our galaxy with the “Microsoft’s Galaxy Explorer” holographic experience app, allowing them to engage with and understand the complex mass of stars in a way they’d never done before! For the young, a chance to see and interact with a 3D Animated Dog and Cat, easing them in with a short, simple and fun introduction to the fascinating new world of Augmented Reality.

WeAre Media attended our 50th Birthday Party at Cranfield University with their fantastic HoloLens which enthralled our children. It’s a fantastic way of learning about things and was a great addition to our special event

Denise Yates, CEO, Potential Plus UK

Why the Microsoft HoloLens? Aside from it being the only commercially viable product on the market, WeAre Media also firmly believes that Augmented Reality will become one of the most invaluable tools in the future education toolbox. WeAre Media is passionate about exposing this amazing new technology to as wider audience as possible.

Microsoft HoloLens is a see-through, untethered, self-contained head-mounted display device developed by Microsoft, which delivers a fully immersive Augmented Reality experience. By using its HPU (HoloGraphic Processing Unit), it delivers digital assets in light form, and projects them into the users field of view, and by utilising its onboard spatial awareness sensors, it allows digital assets to be placed in, and become merged in the users real-world surrounds.

The 50th Anniversary Celebration event also saw talks by mathematician Johnny Ball, Network Rail’s Rory Dickerson on high speed travel, and the Soil Association’s Ben Raskin. Workshops on the art of Magic, and TV Presenting Skills were also on offer.

Run by CEO Denise Yates and Deputy CEO Julie Taplin, Potential Plus UK is a fantastic charity, doing amazing work to support and provide opportunities for families and their children, regardless of age or background. Further information can be found at www.potentialplusuk.org .

If you have an event coming up and would like your audience to experience Augmented Reality on the Microsoft HoloLens, then please contact us.

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