weare merging with Catapult


It’s been a long time coming but weare now at one with our long time friends and colleagues at Catapult Creative.

For 15 years Catapult has continued to provides standout digital solutions for a diverse range of clients from even wider sectors. From Automotive through to Zoology, they have played a part in launching and developing their brands online, honing their digital profiles and supporting them across the digital abyss!

Meanwhile weare have provided close to a decade of web design and technical know how, from web ecosystems, ecommerce and augmented reality solutions.

Both entities had web and digital solutions front and centre and with all the crossovers the directors decided to change the futures of both companies.

So here….weare

So to the future, which for many small businesses is understandably uncertain. So what is our mantra, our USP and how do we differ from the plethora of agencies that call themselves ‘digital’? Well part of our new focus has to been to look at what we have enjoyed most. As we have already suggested we worked for some very high profile clients, which is great and long may it continue. But we all agreed collectively that the most enjoyment has been derived from helping SME’s and entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions, ‘aiming higher’ to coin Catapults old tagline.

Whether that is a little bit of google magic to get them seen, or just producing stylish and effective websites, the processes we have employed have provided success after success. We are less about buzzwords and more about providing solutions, about sharing our knowledge and helping our clients past and present to trust in their future communications.

Our mantra is simply Knowing, Doing, Understanding, All three must co-exist in order to get an outcome.

So why not book up a free consultation with one of our team, see what we can offer and see what…weare.

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