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Also listed are questions taken from the chat area during the meeting, that we were unable to answer during the event itself. We do plan other activities over the duration of the project we are undertaking, we will be in touch once we have these scheduled. Thank you.

I’m not sure what comments are appropriate at times. What to like or not to like for instance.
Like the things that are relevant to the industry and steer away from things that would be irrelevant to the people you are connected with and would want to connect with.

What is the recommended Post per week per individual?
1–2 posts per week when starting. More experienced users could aim for 5–7 posts per week.

I would be concerned with re-posting and adding personal comments.  Do not want a post to comeback and bite me in the…….
There needs to be an expectation of professionalism in all posts and comments. If employees abide by that, there should be no problem. If you say something that the company does not agree with, that’s an issue. Guidelines should and will be in place to assist this.

What is ratio of posts/comments?
1:5 relates to the ratio of posts to comments. This should be the minimum, i.e. more comments are better (even as much as 1:10 but this is often too much for people to maintain).

What else is there to consider with hashtags, apart from reach and relevance? Would you use product names (AluFix) or product groups (#wallformwork) as hashtags? What do you have to consider with brand hashtags (#meva, #mevaformwork #FormworkSimpleSmart)?
Product names are fine though they will get very little visibility, but they’re good for reinforcing the brand.More info here:

Following people: Are the people I follow notified that I am following them?
Yes, if they have notifications on default settings.

If I am serious about starting social media marketing (as a Salesperson or marketer), how much time do I need to invest on LinkedIn every day to have a positive effect in the medium and long term?
1–2 hours per week is fine to start with. Power users would do 1–2 hours per day but this isn’t practical for most people.

What is your opinion about liking/commenting competitors posts?
It depends on how supportive and collegiate the industry is. If competitors actually help each other, such commenting is a good thing. I suspect this isn’t the case in formwork, so I wouldn’t comment on competitors’ posts. There’s nothing wrong with congratulating a competitor on a successful project, though: this would never reflect badly on MEVA, nor would innovations within the industry as a whole.
 Or, perhaps more delicate, commenting or liking a post where a person of interest (project managers, etc.) is clearly showing the material of the competition?
That might be OK but has to be handled carefully. If it looks like any implied criticism or an attempt to steal business, that would reflect badly on Meva. Caution needed.

In early days of using I followed some hashtags which turned out to be ‘useless’ to me in the long run. There is an option ‘Manage hashtags’ – but it does not show a way to remove/delete a hashtag. Is there a way to do so?PC: You gave an answer but he has asked again
Use this link to see and unfollow hashtags:

Engage as the company: does it really make sense to give “every” employee admin rights over the company profile enabling them to comment or respond as MEVA? We have no code of conduct and other rules in place…
No, it’s typical for there to be only a handful of company page admins at most. If employees were responsible, you could grant many more people rights. I would be nervous about giving people this power. It’s similar to allowing all staff to edit your public website – would you do that as well?

As an admin currently have 6 LinkedIn profiles to manage. Is it correct that I cannot share content from one company page (e.g. MEVA Global) to another company page (e.g. MEVA Gulf)? There is only the workaround via “Copy link”?
I don’t think it’s possible to shift content around like that.

Profile growth: you just mentioned measuring by followers or post view. are there any other KPIs to observe the progress?
Profile view counts for the past 90 days:

Is it possible to follow a chain of hashtags as opposed to individual hashtags ie. “#Concrete #Construction” instead of “#concrete”, “construction”
No. Hashtags must be followed individually.

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