Correcting poor SEO

Having battled the Googlebots for over a decade now we have some nice data to work with. Alarmingly some of that data has shown that we spend 20% of our time in correcting poor SEO mistakes made by other companies! That’s not a good statistic.

When SEO was a matter of flooding sites with inbound links, whatever their quality, the market was swarmed by the “quick fix” brigade. Claims of getting your business to page 1 # 1 on Google for a couple of hundred pounds were commonplace. Then came the Penguin updates, that not only sent companies into a spin as they tumbled down the SEO ladder, but the businesses that got them there could no longer sustain that model. Having to work for their money, many just did nothing, continued to take their monthly budget and did no further work.

This shocking fact is a condition of not choosing your SEO partner well. It is important to take time to understand what it is they are going to do, and how. If they do not engage you and your staff, or do not attempt to, then the chances are they are not willing to share their tactics with you either. Like any other professional service, SEO has been contaminated with those that feel it is OK to take your marketing budget in return for a few charts and reports that they run off some proprietary software and add their logo to it.

If you are in any doubt about who to choose then take your time and ask the right questions. You can always give us a call if you need unbiased opinion.